Cristallux developed it’s very own thermo-plastic material Alamar. Thanks to it and Cristallux’s own mold shop, there is no limitation in color, shape or size – single/multi color, transparent, glass-look or natural looks such as sand-blasted marble-optics. We have a broad pallet of standard varieties to choose the optimal flair for your desired project. As we produce Alamar ourselves and customize it according to your needs it is also possible to have your own custom color code. 


What is really possible with our Alamar show our two projects; the Flower ceiling on board of Pride of Hawaii (Atrium) and the Gem stone ceiling on board of Norwegian Gem. 80 square-meters of handcrafted individual flowers and leaves and gem stones in various colors and different shapes are made of Alamar and illuminated with RGBW LEDs.

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